About Ameya Kulkarni

I love technology. I am constantly thinking about how technology can improve our lives. This has led to me coming up with a lot of ideas. But as someone said – “Ideas are dime a dozen”, I started executing some of them; until I realized I was doing it completely wrong. Executing them is one thing, and executing them right is whole other ball game. A lot of projects started naively through discussions with my friends. Some didn’t go past the discussion stage, while others have ended abruptly (no surprises there!). After a couple of failures, I am now constantly reading and learning about better ways to evaluate and implement a project. I have fallen in love with the data driven approach to startups, product management and marketing. And I will be talking about these mostly in my blog. Another thing I have learned in the past couple of years is you can learn everything. I have been able to learn PHP, Ruby on Rails and web scraping all by myself and will put some posts up to help others ease into programming if they haven’t done before. Hope you like my blogs and as always, I would love to get constructive feedback.


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